A Letter to Sunday


You are the day for doing nothing, or as most of my Sunday's go, working. Today you gave me a day off work and it was nice. This morning I went to 'Flip Out' with my little cousins. They've both grown so much that when I look at them, I see mini versions of me but just better. I always tell them off for saying they want to be my age because what I would do just to have one more day as an 11-year-old, with the only thing concerning me is who out of all of my friends I'm going to pick to sit next too on the coach for the school trip. It was better then.

Mental health has been kicking my butt recently. It's hard, you know? When all you wanna be is the one making jokes and always smiling, the one you know you can be because that's who you were before the angry brain monster came along. When you have an off day and everybody asks if you're alright because you're not giving off the same energy you usually are. So you fake it and pretend to laugh at everything until you get home, where you take off the 'happy' mask you've been wearing all day long and cry. I think my mask is cracking though.

Casey told me to write down 5 positive things that have happened to me recently. So here it is.
1. It rained today and I really like the rain
2. I re-painted my nails after promotion and they look good
3. I watched 'Up Close and Personal' and it is now one of my favourite films
4. I finally decided what I want my next tattoo to be
5. I have some really good people in my life

Anyway, pour yourself some coffee, run a bath and have a lovely rainy Sunday before Monday comes around.


listening to ophelia - the lumineers, cherry wine - hozier, every song on ariana's sweetener album