Hello Autumn

Photo by Lucie Liz from Pexels

Goodbye to the long, hot summer we actually experienced in England this year, hello to the cosy, pumpkin spice coffee filled wonders of autumn.

You have no idea how long I've been waiting for this. For these evenings in bed with a blanket and The Great British Bake Off. You might say I'm getting ahead of myself as it is ONLY just September, but the leaves have already started to change and the mornings are crisper so throw out your short shorts and dig out your woolly hats because autumn is on its way.

Autumn to me, is like an old friend who you haven't seen in ages coming home. It is all the things that make you happy and comforted wrapped up into one. It's the feeling of nostalgia and snuggly-ness and the smell of coffee, candles and when you put the heating on. It's walking in to work in the early morning, crunching the burnt orange leaves with your boots as you hold on to your favourite hot drink because you think your fingers are going to fall off if you don't. I could list so much to love about autumn, in fact...

The weather isn't too hot but it isn't too cold
New things to watch on the TV
Blankets and fluffy socks
Halloween, bonfire night and fireworks
Darker lipstick
Rain, and lots of it
Going for walks in a beanie, scarf and coat
Puddles and leaves
Better fashion
Dark evenings
The after rain smell
Pretty surroundings
Closer to Christmas

My favourite thing to do at this time of year that I don't do enough throughout spring and summer is read. I always have more time to read in the colder months because nobody really wants to go out. It also means more nights in with friends watching films like hocus pocus and of course, Gilmore Girls with a pizza and hot chocolate.

Basically, I think everyone I know will be happier when it is ACTUALLY autumn because I will stop moaning (myrtle) so much about being too hot and wishing it wasn't anymore.

Bring it on, I'm soooooo ready.


listening to half as good as you - tom odell, long way down - joshua hyslop, what about today - lewis watson