May - July 2018 - Time of The Month


Hey, I realize it's August and I'm trying to get away with acting as though we're still in May. I'm not going to bullshit you with some excuse as to why I haven't posted a time of the month since April because to be quite honest with you, it's not like I owe you anything, I'm just here to say this is what happened over the past 3 months. 

In May, I won my first game of darts. I'd been going to darts games with my uncle for a while but spending most of my time there standing by the bar, or playing with the jukebox but finally, I played, and I actually won? I couldn't be smugger in my life and everyone in the room was genuinely surprised. 

At the very beginning of June, Katie and I went to Goodwood Three Friday Night's. We bet on some horses and ended up making a profit (££ ka-ching ££). After the races, we saw Rudimental play, and after walking around for 20 minutes trying to locate my uncle and his friends we found them, took off our shoes and danced so hard for the rest of the night. It was honestly one of the best nights I've ever had and I already can't wait for next years.

I dyed my hair and had a mental breakdown... almost. So, I tried to lighten my hair for the summer, you know, mix it up a bit. When I say lighten my hair I don't mean go blonde from really super duper dark brown, I mean like 1 shade lighter than what it is now. Didn't work, ended up going black. Hated life, hated everything. I spent most evenings washing my hair with Fairy liquid and moaning. If you ask anyone about that week I wouldn't be surprised if they referred to it as my 'dark days we don't speak of'. Anyhow, I somehow got it back to normal after about a week (Olia come through) and now I'm too scared to touch it in case I end up with it black again. 

The World Cup began. What a time to be alive and British. I started off the world cup in Brighton watching England vs Panama. Not only that, but this date (24th June 2018) also marks the beginning of my love affair with gin. Ooooh girl, you can't take me away from that stuff now. After the result of the footy, I ended up getting so drunk and coming home with the little umbrellas you get in cocktails all through my hair. They're still lined up across the TV in my uncle's apartment. What a night. 

July started at the beach. It was the beginning of this heatwave we've been having in the UK so Casey, Chloe and I went down to Southsea and spent a couple days on the beach with Pimms, nibbles and music. It was such a nice way to start my birthday month and week off work. 

3rd July. Mark the day as I officially tanned. 

On the 4th of July, I went to Thorpe Park. As I said, I was having a week off work and turning 21 so I wanted to make the most of the time I had and also the nice weather as at that point I didn't know how long it was going to last for (It's August now and it's still here, I'm mad). We had such a good day and we went on The Swarm 3 times in a row. 

Meanwhile, Love Island was on TV and I was watching all these gorgeous humans every single night bitching, fighting and crying. It was so good. 

My birthday. I turned 21! I started off the day at my nan's and then went on to the Belle Isle for some drinks and sun. After that Casey and I made our way over to where we were having my work birthday meal and sat in the garden drinking till the others got there. By the time everyone had arrived and we had sat down to order, I was tipsy. My excuse for being tipsy around all my colleagues was that 'it's not your birthday every day it's fine'. I tried to convince everyone that I was fine but they kinda know me too well. It ended up being quite funny and we had the best time we've ever had, in my opinion; and that wasn't the drink talking because everyone I spoke too agreed. I had such a nice birthday this year and I'd be lost without my workies. 

I went bowling. Lost.

I went out dancing with Casey and Chloe for my birthday. I won't go into it too much except that it ended up in true style, in a booth in Ken's Chicken with my shoes off and hair in a sweaty ponytail. Oh, don't we love being young? 

It was the World Cup semi-final and England had made it all the way here. Everyone in the country was pumped, the heatwave was still in full swing, everyone was drinking gin, Harry Kane was quickly becoming the sweetheart of the nation and everyone was chanting 'It's coming home' all day long. Summer 2018, one to not be forgotten. Unfortunately we we're booted out by Croatia but we made it this far and we were all proud of our boys.

I moved house. I completely moved. I won't go into it too much but I'm so glad I did move because I already feel happier. After everything I put myself through this past year, it is definitely the right thing for me. Except for trains. Trains can f*ck off.

There we have it. A brief recap of what's been happening since I last updated you.

So, that's been May, June and July.


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