The Best Oreo Brownie Recipe There Is


Hands up if you love chocolate? Hands up if you love oreos? Hands up if you love unheathly, sugary, don't eat too many as they are most definetly not good for you kind of treats? Hi, I'm Amy I think we're going to get along.

Many people are using this time in lockdown to learn new skills, to better themselves or to finally do that thing they have been saying they were gonna do for the past year and a half. Me? Oh, well since I ran out of things to watch on netflix for the last few weeks I've been practicing my Mary Berry and attempting to get better at baking (It's my retirement plan so may as well get some practice in at the rip old age of 22). Since adulthood I've been baking on and off and never had any major complaints so I know I'm not terrible. Either that or the people who eat them are too british to say otherwise. What I mean is I know I wouldn't make star baker or get a paul hollywood hand shake.

Regardless of that, I seem to be whisking up something pretty much every weekend as a way to pass the time and I share most things with my housemates, but these brownies were strictly reserved and pretty much inhaled by my boyfriend and I over 3 or 4 nights and nobody else got a crumb. Walking in to the kitchen with an empty container and having to answer 'where did your brownies go?' wasn't one of my proudest moments.

I've always been an advocate for oreos and I try not to mix with the people who have a bad word to say about them. I'd even put them as a close 2nd to marylands and that is saying a lot. In the office we have a trolley of treats that goes round every now and then and it always has those white chocolate coated oreos on. 1 packet isn't enough so I make sure to grab 2 and anyone who didn't get them before me it's you snooze you lose basically.

I've been scrolling through the 'bake' tag on pinterest and adding more and more inspo to my 'to-do' board every day. I came across these little delights about 2 weeks ago, I rememeber it so well becuse it was my totm* and all I could think about was chocolate and eating my weight worth so that's what I did. You know how it goes.

This recipe is my slightly altered version of the one from pinterest but if you do want to do it by the book add 1/4 teaspoon of salt in with the butter and 2 tbsp of vanilla extract with the eggs. I forgot to get them when doing my essential food shop and wasn't about to break lockdown rules and go out for a second time that day.

Apparently these stay fresh for 1 week if stored in a container in the fridge but yours probably won't stick around that long either. If you get bored this weekend why not give these a go? They're simple and yummy and when you've got nothing else to do...

(I've never posted about baking but there is a first time for everything and this week is all about branching out of comfort zones apparently... Go follow )



*totm - Time of the month. Shall I still do those posts?

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