Soundtrack Of My Lockdown

I'm sort of a serial playlist maker. I hate being unorganised. I have a million notebooks just waiting to be used, I can't go to bed without clearing all notifications from my phone and I love love love putting together a good playlist.

Whatever mood you're in I can almost guarantee I have a playlist ready made for you.

As May comes to an end and we try to forget it ever existed and throw it away (because come on, May was dull), I wanted to share what has been getting me through in terms of music. Music is sort of an escape for me. I can put my headphones in, close my eyes and ignore the anxiety that has been beating in my chest all week and try and forget that the world is sorta falling apart.

This month I've really been feeling Ella Mai, Mahalia and of course, Lennon Stella. She released an album at the end of April and I honestly have not stopped playing it since. I've been a fan of Lennon since I was young, I used to watch Lennon and Maisy on Youtube and I know it sounds silly because I don't know her but I feel sort of proud of this album for her. Like, it's so good.

Anyway, as we go into another month feel free to have a look through my playlist for this month. Or you know, if you're in a more Disney mood I'm not here to judge I have a playlist for that too.

1. Whatchamacalilit (feat. Chris Brown) - Ella Mai 2. What You Did (feat.Ella Mai) - Mahalia 3. I Wish I Missed My Ex - Mahalia 4. Everything (feat. John Legend) - Ella Mai 5. Naked - Ella Mai 6. As I Am- H.E.R. 7. Be Honest (feat. Burna Boy) - Jorja Smith 8. Everybody Business - Kehalani 9. Hate The Club (feat. Masego) 10. Games - Lennon Stella 11. Good Reason - Mahalia 12. Smoke Too Much - JOY. 13. Strangers - Tia Gostelow, LANKS 14. Open Your Eyes - Liv Dawson 15. Second Best - Erin Bloomer 16. Only You - Becky Hill 17. Crashing (feat. Bahari) - ILLENIUM 18. Don't Check On Me (feat. Justin Bieber & INK) - Chris Brown 19. I Choose You - Kiana Lede, Pell 20. 7UP - Boy In Space 21. BRB - Mahalia