22 Autumn Things To Do At Home

September, hello.

Although Autumn doesn't officially begin until 22nd, as soon as 1st September rolls around I am digging out my thick sweaters and boiling the kettle for my hot chocolate. School's go back, nights get darker, mornings get crisper and everything just feels cosy. You come home from work, have a hot shower, put on some fluffy socks and curl up watching Netflix as the rain hits the window outside. It really is the best time of the year and it starts now.

This year as we all know has been slightly different. We've spent more time indoors than out and Autumn looks to be the same. Here are some Autumn things you can do this year from the comfort of your own home, to make sure the Autumn spirit doesn't die.

Watch all the Harry Potter films
Fill your house with candles and blankets
Sort out your wardrobe. Declutter and make room for new sweaters
Go to the gym (summer bodies are made in the winter)
Start a new TV show or re-watch your favourite ones
Take care of yourself, have a few more self-care days than usual
Bake something new you've never tried before
Read a new book
Start planning for Christmas
Have a small bonfire and make Smores
Go to a pumpkin patch
Perfect your apple pie recipe
Have a scary movie night in preparation for Halloween
Decorate your house with Autumn accessories
Go for a long drive 
Make a new playlist to listen to on rainy days
Make toffee apples
Go for a walk in the rain with wellies and warm socks
Watch The Great British Bake Off
Play some video and board games
Have some friends over for a take away and movie night
Perfect your Sunday roast

Happy autumn

x A