Remember May & June | TOTM

Hello there. I'm bringing back 'time of the month' again, this time merging May and June together because, to be honest not enough happened in each month to justify separate posts.


May was month 2 in lockdown and at that point, we were itching to get out of the house. We decided to go for a walk down Hayling Island beach and skimmed stones (I was rubbish as usual and he made me film him a million times until he got a stone to skip 3 times). We took the frisbee down and played a little on the grass until it broke. We sat on a bench and watched the sunset before we drove home. It only a little walk but it was nice to look at something other than the 4 walls of my bedroom.

We had a house garden BBQ. We all got water guns, had a water fight and a bunch of burgers afterwards in the sun. The weather was amazing and I'm glad that I didn't spend lockdown on my own. I'm lucky to live in a house of people around my age who I can spend time with. It's going to be so weird when my boyfriend and I move out and go somewhere just us.

I spent the rest of May in my room, working from home Monday-Friday and doing nothing at the weekends. It was tough but worth it. We saved lives in May.


June wasn't much different, to be honest. I worked during the week and tried to unwind at the weekend. I did become addicted to cucumber and Philadelphia bagels though, I had one for lunch every day for two weeks.

I worked on my baking. A list of thing's I've made during lockdown:

- Biscoff cheesecake
- Victoria sponge cake
- Oreo brownies
- Apple crumble
- Lemon cheesecake

I hope to carry this on consistently even when the world opens again. I've baked every so often for a long time but never fully committed to it. Right now my bakes are ok but there is room for improvement. I want to get good at it so in the future, my children (if I have them) will be the most popular at bake sales and my grandkids (again, if I have them) will say I love coming over for tea and a slice of nan's amazing cake.

The weather this month had more mood swings than me. One day it was reaching 30 and the next it was pouring down. I love the moody weather though. I did establish that thunderstorms are a cause for my migraines... I've dealt with migraines for a few years, I went from never having them to it being quite frequent. I got some blue light glasses to wear at work as I'm on a computer all day long and I'm sure that doesn't help. I've been told that the amount of migraines I get isn't normal, so that's fun. I started noticing that I always get one when there is a thunderstorm, something to do with the change in pressure. I've spent many evenings in bed in the dark because of this.

I started returning to the office on Saturdays. It felt so strange at first and I can't say I wasn't at all anxious, but when I got there it was so nice to see some of my friends (from a distance) and have some social interaction aside from those in my household for the first time since March. Since then I have also gone back in on Fridays and although it is far from back to how it used to be, it's nice to feel some sense of normality again.

So, that's been May and June.

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