The first ever TOTM

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I have been busy.

I've been working long hours, I've been sleeping, I've been watching Gilmore Girls, I've been eating, I've been re-evaluating life, my laptop broke and my dog ate my homework.

No, but for real, I've been super busy and my laptop DID break.

I have also actually been thinking about my life and what I want to do with it and it's like over the past few weeks, I've had an epiphany. My whole life I have loved drama and I studied it during my academic career every chance I could, as well spending my Saturday's acting too. It's so obvious to me now, and I can't believe I missed it before! I want to be an actress! It's taken me long enough to actually figure it out, but I know it has always been there I just needed to open my eyes to see it. I'm just glad I didn't leave it too long. I even found a journal from 2007 which reads 'when I grow up I was to be an actress or a super model and live in a manCion in the COUNTYside' but that's a story for a whole other time.

So what now? Well, I've been looking online for local drama classes to me and to be honest I can hardly find any that aren't just for under 18's, and unfortunately I don't fall into that category anymore. I've also been thinking about maybe, possibly, maybe going to uni in September to get an even bigger qualification in the field. I don't know where yet, but I know I want to do something with this. Recently, I'm just so bored of my life. I'm 20 years old, I've been in the same job since I was 17 and I haven't done anything for me in a long time. It's just so obvious to me now and I'm so frustrated I didn't see this 3 years ago when the first opportunity for university arose. What worries me is that if I do go to university in September, I will be 21 years old. I know people study at all sorts of ages, but the thought of being in a class full of 18 year old's who are most likely better than me at what I so passionately want to do scares me. I'm also an incredibly anxious person at times, but I know myself well and when my confidence grows I am so happy to be a character. I have 8 months to figure that out anyway.

Don't talk to me about anything other than Gilmore Girls ever again. I mean it. Not a single day has gone by where the phrases 'Have you seen Gilmore Girls?' 'You should watch Gilmore Girls!' and 'I just love Luke and Lorelai' haven't been used. I don't know what to say other than have you seen Gilmore Girls? If not, you should. 'I don't think I ever really loved anyone, until Luke and Lorelai'. And Rory, and Suki, and Jackson, Babette, Emily, Richard, Lane, Kirk, Michel, Miss Patty, Paris, and even Taylor Doose. You're probably thinking, 'but Amy, you always do this. You become obsessed with something for a while and you think nothing will ever compare to the love you have for this one thing and your life is forever now only going to be a dedication to this obsession'. But I'm telling you this, from me to you personally, it's different this time. I know it is. Like I said, I don't think I ever really loved anyone, until Luke and Lorelai. Also, can we take a minute to appreciate Lauren Graham? RIGHT!????

So that's pretty much it for whats been going on in my life. I hope it changes. It's pretty dull that this is all that has happened since I last posted here. BRB, gonna change that.


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