A Letter to My Future Self

Photo by Arshad Sutar from Pexels

Dear future me,

I'm writing to you as you're now 21. I don't quite know where all the time has gone, do you? It's as if you haven't partaken in enough 'Skins' type adventures or kissed enough boys and girls for your teenage years to be over yet, but here we are.

You're 21. How are you? What are you doing with yourself these days? This year is the last in your 5-year rule, are you still working that same job after 5 years or have you finally moved on like you promised me you would?

I would hope by now that you're driving. I would also like to hope that you have an amazing group of friends and you're living like Ross, Rachel, Monica, Chandler and Joey but I just don't think that life is for us; so long as you still have the few we have now, that's alright.

Now I know what you're going to say, but are you still blogging? No matter how pointless our anxiety sometimes makes it feel, I know how much you enjoy it and really that is what's important.

If you're not making them, I hope you're at least still watching videos. How is everyone? Emilia is 6 in your time, and Eduardo is 4. Does that still excite you? Or are they an excitement from the past? Spending your free time in bed watching days worth of your subscription box is fine but I do hope you're pushing yourself out of your comfort zone a bit more than right now.

Are you doing more, for you?
I hope you are. Right now the most you do is this once a month if ever that, and I just hope you've made some time for a bit of self-care and to do something which you enjoy. Speaking of doing things for you, hows your style coming along? At this moment we're somewhere in between knowing how we DO dress and looking at images on Pinterest of how we WANT to dress. Here's a lesson from younger you: You can be cool enough to wear that.

I know you don't like talking about it, but how is your love life? My biggest fear for you is that you've re-closeted yourself so I really hope that hasn't come true. Right now you have a boyfriend and you've been together for over a year now and things are going just fine.

At this point in time, the whole world really needs to stick together and to keep on pushing to be our best selves. I hope you've found a way to be entirely comfortable with yourself and you have accepted that you don't need to try and morph yourself into the people you obsess over and that you can in fact just be you. That's the best you can be.

I didn't want to do this but I'm going to end on the important bit. How are you? Like, really. Do you now know how to stop a bubbling anxiety attack? Are you capable of taking a great opportunity without freaking out and not following through? I just want to know that you're truly looking after yourself; after all, the one person who can help the most is you.

Today is Monday, February 27th and the year is 2017. Tell me, where are you?
Write me back.

With love, from your 19-year-old self.