My Summer To-do List 2016

With every birthday comes that 'I can do whatever I want now!' feeling and this year nothing was different.

Having turned 19 means I'm legally allowed to go out and do the things I want to do without being taken by my mum. Well, that's been the case since I turned 18 but since I own that extra year of life now, I feel as though I must be more prepared. Last Tuesday was my birthday so I've taken the week off work with hardly anything planned. I'm halfway through it now and it's so close till I go back and I don't want too. I really wanna make this summer one to remember as it's my first one away from education so I made a list of both cool stuff I wanna do and some more life organising stuff too. Some of these I most likely will forget about but if I actually manage to tick everything off by the end of summer I won't be able to say it wasn't good.

1. Visit the sky garden in London (THIS IS A TOP PRIORITY)
2. Visit Cornwall again
3. ... and eat a real cornish pasty
4. Sort through the clothes in my room and give to charity the ones I dont want/ dont wear anymore
5. Day out in Weymouth again
6. Grow and care for more plants as they apparently look after anxiety
7. Go to the Queen Elizabeth roof garden bar and cafe
8. Spend a day reading and writing in a London library
9. Take more photos of places I've visited and videos too
10. Go to Nottingham
11. Take a picture at number 10 Adam Street
12. Visit some historical places in the south east
13. Start eating healthy and exersizing init !!!!
14. Do cool things like beer gardens and beach nights

listening to sia - reaper, tom odell - magnetised, the 1975 - nana, oh wonder - drive