An Interview With Dawn O'Porter On Her New Book

If you know me well you'd know one of my favourite pass times is sticking my nose into a book and recently you'll find that book to be one of Dawn O'Porter's.

Diaries Of An Internet Lover is one of my favourite books and recenetly I added Paper Aeroplanes to that list. Dawn is one of those writers who puts her personality into her books and by that I mean you instantly feel connected and like you've know her characters for years when you've only just met. 

I was lucky enough to interview Dawn about her new book Goose (the sequel to Paper Aeroplanes) as well as throw some general questions about life at her which she was so lovely about and her answers were much more than I expected, so I am so grateful. Being a 16 year old aspiring writer of some sort this opportunity was amazing as I never expected it could ever be possible, so thank you Dawn and please never stop writing.

Paper Areoplanes was a big success, how excited are you for your readers to read Goose?
So excited. I have major 'second album syndrome'. Terrified it's not as good. But my editor loves it, so I must trust her! But I think my readers will like where Renee and Flo have moved on to. They have a whole new load of crap to deal with ;)

You are a very talented author, what are 3 books you'd recommend for someone to read?
Why thanks! First is 'Oranges Are Not The Only Fruit' by Janeatte Winterson, then 'Jane Eyre' by Charlotte Bronte and 'A Room Of Ones Own' by Virginia Woolf.

What advice would you give to an aspiring writer trying to break into the business?
Just keep writing. Never tell anyone who might be able to help you that you want to write without having anything to show them. Writing is tough, the motivation it takes is the hardest bit, so prove that you have it. With blogging their is no excuse for anyone not to create a portfolio. Everyone wants to be a writer these days, the few that actually write will make it. Obvs! I am glued to my computer. When I'm not, I am making notes. It's a lifestyle you have to be willing to commit to.

You are a very confident person no doubt, is there anything you have done which you would like to change from the past?
Of course there is. There are boys I wish I'd never met, nights out I wish I'd never had, things I wish I'd never said, but you can't change the past so you have to make a decision about how you turn what you consider to be your mistakes into lessons you learn for your future. I don't believe people who say they have no regrets, I have loads. But that doesn't mean they have a negative effect on my life. I just won't do them again! Maybe... ;)

What date will Goose be released and do you plan on doing as many signings as you did for the previous book?
May 1st and YES! My book tour was magical, I hugged almost everyone because I was so grateful to them for reading Paper Aeroplanes.

Did the spelling dictionary from Bethan and I ever come in handy?
Yes it did you cheeky chickens!

I have to thank Dawn (once again) for this opportunity and I am more than excited for the release of Goose and to meet her again soon! I'll leave links below to anything Dawn related for anyone to check her out.